When will my order ship?
All turn around times are listed in the product description. If it is ready to ship it will be shipped within 1-2 weeks. If it was not listed as ready to ship it will be shipped in 4-6 weeks! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and we will respond within 3 business days!

I have a problem with my order! what do i do?

Please reach out to us within 3 business days! Email us pictures of whats wrong so we can try and make it right! please remember slight warping does happen, and color variations also happen! if you have questions send us a picture and we will let you know! Please use the stores contact form or email us at darlingdoordecors@gmail.com


My Order is Damaged. What do I do?

Please send us pictures ASAP. If it was damaged during shipping it is unfortunately out of our control. You must file a claim with the mail service  within 60 days of an items delivery. 


Are the bottoms weather proof?
Yes! We print the bottoms using ultra violet rays so it can withstand all weather types.

How do they attach to the base?
We use magnets to attach the inserts to the base!

How strong are the magnets?
One magnet is rated to hold 2.5 pounds and we use two magnets per piece making it to hold up 5 pounds. Our current inserts weigh less then a pound

I see a design in one of your videos/posts but don’t see it listed anymore. How can I get it?
We have our core items which come back in stock monthly and then we have our limited edition items which are released monthly but once they’re sold out we don’t typically bring them back. So sometimes you may be seeing designs that aren’t available anymore. Please join our Facebook vip group to stay the most up to date with drops!

Do I need to buy the base every time?
No! The base is a one time purchase and then after that you only have to buy the inserts of your choosing to change between seasons.

I love this idea can I recreate it myself?
We love the enthusiasm to recreate our products however we are patent pending and working to get a full patent to protect our invention! We have created an amazing product and plan to take it to great lengths and ask that that’s respected.

When are the restocks?
We typically restock once a month to ensure we’re keeping up with demand!

Where are you located?
We’re based out of Southern California USA

Do you ship internationally?
We do however the shipping rates can be high and we are working on a cheaper alternative.

I have hella kids. How does it hold up to slammed doors?
We understand kids going in and out constantly so we designed it to withstand slammed doors! The magnets use a sliding mechanism to detach so slamming shouldn’t detach the inserts

Can we come shop in person?
We don’t have a brick and mortar store but we do attend some craft fairs. Join our Facebook VIP group to stay up to date on our latest events!